This typeface is a slab-serif, only it isn’t really, as the serifs are not too slabby: they rebelliously taper. In fact, there is a whole lot of tapering going on The design came from the desire to play with the nature of slab serifs, as I once did with a design that became Postino, that was – and still is – published by Adobe. But this time, I wanted something quite skinny, in contrast to Postino’s chunkiness. The playing with the skinniness led to the attempt at reversing the contrast by making the vertical stem width less than the horizontal I named it Cowgirl. Now on the subject of naming: firstly, an anecdote: the name I had originally wanted for Postino was Thwacker, however I was overruled by Adobe Marketing wisdom (they felt it was too violent). Now, unfettered by such sensible commercial oversight, I have called it Cowgirl. Several of my mucky-minded friends insist that this is rude. However, I protest my innocence, I was listening to Neil Young’s Cowgirl in the sand at the time of naming.